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We hmm.. Let's call ourselves " creatures" ( this will get better as we progress) simply keep complicating things. I met some inmates ( fellow creatures) and they were awesome ( errr.. I would rather say ordinary but little more extra). They have build this super awesome (errr.. Let's use genuine here) model / framework based on their 

  • Skin color 
  • Family lineage / heritage 
  • Eyes color 
  • Hair color
  • Regions 
  • Physical appearance 

(Wait.. Wait ... Here is a clue they are neither scientists nor anthropologists.. Ok where I was ..yeah no 6)

Language spoken 

(now that's the boring part... Because many inmates here always have statistical advantage to observe and categorize in whatever way they want.. Ohh. I should appreciate Google here always help to get my f.i - fellow inmates

search for information in whatever they like to see after all it's alphabets only, let's cut the chase and talk  about F.I innovation here and list resumes)

blood group (interesting isn't it !)

Any particular civilization accomplishment 

Any nations accomplishment 

Some old forgotten myths 

Many books (can be anything from religion to scientific theory.. Any scientist new frenzy as long it satisfies this framework) 


Phew that's quite a list.. I am quite sure that I must have missed couple which I would definitely add here once memory unfolds  Now wondering dah ... what is this framework ? It's a super theory of relativity where all the physical motions and historical events and biological phenomenon even genetics are unified into one solid quantum mechanics to prove " I am so cool and rest .. Well with absolute certainty are evolving" 

I will dig further in all those above mentioned variables but before we elaborate I guess we need to find a constant too otherwise the whole framework would destabilize. I happened to had a chat with F.Is and they explained all this with following 

  • Pride 
  • Envy 
  • Alarmingly 
  • Disgust was also there 
  • Fear i also detected 
  • Some sort of loathing as well ( not sure why) 
  • Condescension was also sticking out ( they were looking down on some F.I.. Don't know why) 
  • Lust for power also was somewhat surfacing 
  • Desire to control was quite prominent 
  • Cruelty ( it's mix of all nine above elements) 

Here I was completely impressed ( errr.. Bamboozled)


Akmal Shoaib

Posted On: 22 Jun, 2017

Its overwhelming

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